Freedom Reigns Ranch

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Individual sessions are at the heart of Freedom Reigns Ranch.  Programs are run entirely by volunteers and are offered  free of charge; geared towards kids and teens who have been through trauma or challenging circumstances though it is open to all who desire to grow. No experience with horses is necessary and the only requirement is that participants want to come!

Sessions are intentionally one leader-one horse-one participant and activities involve everything from simple farm chores, to art projects, un-mounted games with horses, and riding time. General horsemanship is taught to participants who wish to interact with horses with a primary emphasis on safety and caring for the equine. Sessions are not “riding lessons” and are focused on what each individual child needs on any given day.  Each participant comes to the ranch with their own unique needs and challenges and our session leaders

Scheduled time is required so you/your family are served well.  Sessions last approximately 60-90 minutes and a parent or guardian must remain on the property at all times. If you are unable to attend a scheduled session for any reason, please inform us as early as possible!

Parents: we always pair kids/teens with one leader, one horse, 100% of the time. Because of this, we ask that you watch your child’s session from the picnic tables or lawn to the East side of the black barn. Art supplies will be provided for other siblings if you plan on staying for the duration of the session. Please do not allow children to run around, play unsupervised, or yell near the barn area. Taking pictures is allowed at any time but we ask that you maintain distance to allow the time for that intentional one-on-one interaction. When taking pictures please use discernment and do not post anything on social media that reveals another child’s identity.

The horses enjoy being loved on and we welcome that interaction across the fences, but please do not enter pastures or feed treats without permission.