Freedom Reigns Ranch

Phone: 615-513-6264



VISITS TO THE RANCH ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY to maintain a level of safety, confidentiality, and privacy. ALL APPOINTMENTS MUST BE MADE AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE by calling 615-513-6264.

Freedom Reigns Ranch operates on leased land, which also serves as the private residence of Justin and Nikki Lanning. Please be respectful of the farm owners by staying out of the private residence home, pool, and yard. Please drive slowly on any gravel area and only park in designated areas. No smoking or drinking is allowed on the property at any time and pets are not allowed at the Ranch for safety and insurance reasons.

The Ranch is located at 1725 Barker Road, in Thompson's Station, TN. From 840, exit onto Carter's Creek Pike and go south. Veer left when you meet the split for Huff's Market (white two story building with Marathon gas station), this turns into Barker Road. You'll hit a three way stop about 1.5 miles in, turn right and the Ranch is on the left. Drive up the driveway and please park facing the tire swing/double gate to the pasture, but not on the grass. Please park as closely as possible to other vehicles and refrain from bringing unnecessary vehicles onto Ranch property.

NOTE: GPS tends to take you about 50 feet PAST the Ranch driveway if coming this way (from the East). You'll see the break in the fences for the driveway if you're looking to the left as you round the bend.

Parents: we always pair kids/teens with one leader, one horse, 100% of the time. Because of this, we ask that you watch your child’s session from the picnic tables or grassy lawn on the east side of the black barn. Art supplies will be provided for other siblings if you plan on staying for the duration of the session. Please do not allow children to run around, play unsupervised, or yell near the barn area.

The horses enjoy being loved on and we welcome that interaction across the fences, but please do not enter pastures or feed treats without permission.