Freedom Reigns Ranch

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Ministry Needs

The following are items that we find we need to replace or repair due to use over the course of the season. Your support with any of these is greatly appreciated! If you have an item you’d like to give but are not sure about, please contact us at For inquiries about horse donations or horse rescue, please call 615-513-6264.

  • Bush Hogging the pastures(2-4x/year), or a tractor & bushhog!
  • Leather pieces 5x7" or larger/leather journal making supplies
  • Previcox/Equiox 57mg
  • Grass Hay (orchard grass, timothy, fescue)
  • Muck Forks
  • Keratex Hoof Hardener
  • Nanric Biotin 100 (hoof supplement)
  • Paddock and Cowboy Boots, kids thru adult sizes
  • Individually packaged granola bars, cliff bars, and fruit leather
  • Bottled Water and sports drinks (prefer 8oz bottles)
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning products
  • Stall Shavings
  • Sand (for arena upkeep)
  • Quarter Down (for walkways and barn area)
  • Round-Up Weed Killer/Cornerstone Plus
  • Tempra and puff paints for crafts
  • Gift Certificates to: Bonnie’s Barnyard (our local feed company) and Equine Performax Veterinary Services (our veterinarian).

Unique Ministry Needs - Larger or one-time items that we’re needing (Updated Sept. 1, 2017)

  • Permanent or Manufactured Hay Storage Area
  • Thick (preferably suede-like surface) bareback pads- thin line is ideal (2 needed)
  • A 4 Wheeler/Polaris/Gator/ATV/Tractor type farm vehicle and drag for arena grooming
  • T'post caps (50) and fencing supplies (high tensile wire)
  • Ladies Size 9 and 10
  • Men's size 10 cowboy or paddock boots
  • Cedar Mulch (50 bags, will be needed in October 2017)