Freedom Reigns Ranch

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The Program

Our Mission: Mentorship through Horsemanship : Mentor, Equip, Empower
Freedom Reigns Ranch is a 501c3 nonprofit ministry in Thompsons Station, Tennessee offering free-of-charge mentorship through horsemanship to those who have been through emotional trauma and other life challenges. Intentional, in a one horse-one leader-one participant model, we exist to mentor participants, as well as equip and empower volunteers to pour into the lives of others by using horses. Some of our horses have been rescued from abuse or neglect themselves and we see so often how participants connect to their stories, learn to build relationship and trust with their new equine friends, and often begin to heal together.

Freedom Reigns Ranch is a unique mentorship program geared towards children and teens who have been through trauma or challenging circumstances, though we open the program to people from every walk of life. We freely share the love of Christ by putting our faith into action.

Horses are a critical part of our program as the way we communicate with them often mirrors our relationship with God and relationships with other people. These "angels in horsehair" also have a keen ability to break down "self defense" barriers that are a result of past hurts.

We are a Christian, faith-based program that is not affiliated with any particular denomination. We believe in God, that He sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ to be our Savior, and that when we accept Him and receive His forgiveness we are adopted into the family of God and our salvation is eternally secured by His mercy.

It is out of the outpouring of gratitude from our hearts that we seek to serve those in need and we serve by putting our faith in action. We don’t “preach” but rather serve as an example and vessel for Christ’s love to flow through us.

Freedom Reigns is a safe and loving environment for kids and teens to come and experience a retreat from every-day life where, through the love of Christ, hope is restored. Programs are free of charge operating entirely on volunteers and donations: no experience with horses is necessary and the only requirement is that participants want to come!